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Canon 400d Half Black Photo Problem


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This is my first time posting on the forum but it seems as though there are a lot of experts here that might be able to help, as I have tried scouring the internet for my problem and cannot find an answer.

I have a Canon 400d and it has been working fine up until recently. No matter which lens I use (default 18-55mm lens or my other Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens), my pictures seem to only take a third of an image. The rest is faded out black, as you can see here:


I have tried factory resetting back to default settings and both AF and manual mode, so I am not exactly sure what the problem could be?

I currently have a SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CompactFlash Card in the camera, and wonder if it is this that is faulty - or something else internally?

Note: One other thing I noticed recently, before I made the factory reset, is that the camera often gave the 'busy' message a lot in AF mode even when I wasn't shooting continuously and tried all the standard troubleshooting - such as standing further back, waiting for a period of time for flash to recharge etc.

That is why I was wondering if a faulty card could cause this black fade problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Thanks for the reply - although that was not the answer I was hoping for! ;)

It is out of warranty, so I might have a look at the shutter/mirrors to see if I can locate the exact problem. Failing that, it looks like I might have to send it away for repair.


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To me, it lloks like the mirror is not fully raising.

Set a longish shutter speed (4 or 5 seconds) take the lens off, look into the mirror box and fire the shutter - you should be able to see if it is the mirror or the shutter.

I doubt very much whether a repair to either of those parts would be cost effective though, probably cheaper to sell it on e bay for parts and buy yourself a new one IMHO


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you mentioned flash
what shutter speed are you using ?

the camera will not sync with the onboard flash above 1/250th and will cause blacking out of some of the photo but i have never seen it that severe before


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Shutter looks shot unfortunately


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The EXIF data on the images you posted showed a shutter speed of 1/500th Sec and no flash,

If you were using flash it would have been the shutter speed was the problem (Too High, Flash will only Sync upto 1/200sec on the 400D)

But as these images were not taken with flash then its a sticky shutter I am afraid. On a 400D probably cost more than the value of the camera I am afraid.

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