canon 350D or nikon D70s - Need view for my first DSLR?

Canon 350D or nikon D70s - your preference?

  • Canon 350D

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  • Nikon D70s

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I am getting my first DSLR, hopefully before the end of the month. I have narrowed it down to canon 350D and nikon D70s. Both are i beleive good DSLR and suit my budget. I have try them out personally and i have no arguement against both. This gives me headache of which one to choose?

I think, my first DSLR will determine whether i shall be a nikon or canon guy?

I appreciate your independent view. Thanks.


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Welcome to the forum :smashin:

Can't advise as I'm a compact user at the moment. I sure we will have some along soon to give you their POV though.

Here we go!! :laugh:


Thanks, i am moving from 'point & shoot' digital camera.currently i have nikon coolpix 995,Got it from my friend at a real bargain. not that i want a nikon.

I always wanted a SLR camera for very long time now.

I appreciate if you cant give advise, just vote in my poll. Thanks.


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@rj said:
I appreciate if you cant give advise, just vote in my poll. Thanks.

The only DSLR I have ever used is a Canon 20d. Never even picked up a 350d or a D70, so, voting in the poll which is effectively giving a preference on something I know nothing about would be wrong.

There will be a few along later on who have much more experience than I and will probably be able to give specific advice :)


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In one of the mags I bought recently they rated the D50 above the 350d (although only just). I bought a 350d last month and I'm very happy with it. Having looked at loads of reviews I went with the slightly cheaper price as I'm new to it all although I don't think you'll be disappointed either way.


stevegreen said:
The only DSLR I have ever used is a Canon 20d. Never even picked up a 350d or a D70, so, voting in the poll which is effectively giving a preference on something I know nothing about would be wrong.

Thank you, i can apreciate your point of view. No offend intended.

Gosh.... at the point of my indecisiveness of which DSLR to choose,i have to rely on others. I am only hoping that this will do help me in my selection and without regret or looking back (on why did choose this DSLR instead of the other one?).

I am at a junction here, that is either going for canon or nikon. Based on my budget at the moment it seem i shall stuck with either for a very long time or may be forever,that is i am a nikon or canon guy.


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Given you say you've tried both and were happy with both I've voted for the 350D. Many of the arguments surrounding the differences between these two cameras concern the menu systems and button positions as well as the physical size and feel...

- as you have stated no preference for either systme on the above factors I've picked the 350D as it has more megapixels without any detriment to image quality and arguably better low light/high iso noise performance.

I still also believe that there is a wider range of lenses for the Canon DSLR's.


I had the same choice and went for the 350D as IMO being smaller I felt I would be more likely to carry it. Some people find it too small and therefore awkward to use, but I didn't have this problem and liked the feel of the 350D.


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Had the same decision to make recently.

Just had to go with the Nikon. I read all the reviews and tested out both. All reviews rate both cameras as equal even though the Canon has the higher Megapixles (not that that actually means much in real terms).

Picked the Nikon just because I think it has a bit more Kudos. Subjective i know.
The Nikon also seems to have a slightly higher resale value for when that day evetually comes.

Lots of comparative reviews around.

Check here


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Have a look at this thread

I own the Canon350d having considered the 20D . Prior to this ,I owned a film Canon Eos and Digital Fujifilm 602z . Verdict:In a word no regrets 3- 3500 pics 5 months later .
It is not perfect but Im not sure there is a camera with that appelation . Even the (smaller) size is not nessesarily a disadvantage if you do not unconsiously compare it with bigger cameras.I have the battery grip though but I dont always use it especially where candid shots are anticipated.
It will be pretty imposible to point out the camera which took a photograph taken in identical conditions from the any of the 350D 20D nikon D70, D50 or D70s. Cost, lens availability,flash system and ? any previous lenses ,experience with brand are what make the differerence. None of the cameras will be unworthy of a home with you :hiya:
Good luck.. buy something and get shooting!!


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Another 350D user here... love the small size and especially the light weight. Slap a weighty zoom on and it's still a manageable weight. They do feel a bit brittle at first but mine take a bit of a bashing occasionally and have, so far, come out unscathed.


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I would say the 350d as well. Mainly because the D70 came out ages ago to go up against the 300d whereas the 350d is Canons next one along.
I always assume newer is better :)


Check There are lots of - very lengthy - threads on this topic. Just run a search. Take at look at Phil's reviews on the same site too. Very comprehensive and have a good comparative/pros and cons section at the end of each.

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spanna said:
I would say the 350d as well. Mainly because the D70 came out ages ago to go up against the 300d whereas the 350d is Canons next one along.
I always assume newer is better :)

I thought the choice was between 350d and 70s, the 70s is even newer than the 350d.


Thanks guy, It s worthy to note that i am not the only one who has to make the choice between the two DSLR.

Yes the chioce is between canon 350D and nikon D70s.

I like the words use by John Martucci :-
"Picked the Nikon just because I think it has a bit more Kudos. Subjective i know."

May be "kudos" is one of the key aspect in making the choice. The "feeling" aspect i think i ought to give some more weightage, as photograhpy is also IMO is art / records of the moments, which are all in relation of 'feeling'.


I'd say neither the D70s or the 350D is the best buy just now.
The Nikon D50 gets rave reviews, produces less noise than both D70s & 350D and has a better dynamic range. It also produces better colour images straight out of the camera, so not too much post processing required.

Best bit is the price... D50 is £473 at Amazon, including the kit lens (18-55) !!

Ok, so the kit lens isn't quite as good as the D70s (18-70), but for the price difference I think its a no-brainer.


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I was having the same dilema when I was buying my new camera, I had no preference to brand as I owned no previous kit.

I went to Jessops and tried both the 350d and the D70. The D70 does feel put together better than the 350d, some people find the 350d too small to hold comfortably in there hand, the only real way to find out if this is a problem is to hold one and take a few shots.

I tried both cameras with 50mm primes took identical photos (on a tripod) and went up the ISOs on both cameras. At 100% crop the 350d is very slightly sharper, however the big difference is the noise on the higher ISOs the 350d is better you can use iso800 on the 350d with very little noise however on the D70 the noise could be seen clearly.

I would say if you plan on taking low light shots and high ISOs the Canon is the better bet. I beleave the D50 has less noise than the 350D due to its new sensor, however my friend has a D50 and we were at a track day in dull weather and the D50 was having serious problems focusing on the moving cars to the point where he turned off autofocus.


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You could take an afternoon off with your compactflash card to say ,Jessops or other specialist shop, put the card in and actually play with the cameras on your shortlist for say 10 min at a time to get more than a fleeting feel. Then compare the pics ( taken on full auto same focal length) on your PC. You will be surprised how the differences ( or lack of ) will influence you. I did and although I didnt eventuallly buy from Jessops they didnt mind and ( within limits) they pricematch

As I stated in an earlier, post. none of the cameras (ie 350D D50 D70s or even the konica minolta ) is likely to dissapoint you in output.
The larger megapixel ( of the 8 megapixel cameras) can be a big advantage in crops . Even if largely unused it is NOT a disadvantage.
The "feel" factor is completely indiviual and no one brand has monopoly of it.
Above all ,given the variances in cost: watch your pocket. You will need to buy ( a tripod, perhaps external flash, maybe lenses, ?? extra battery, ? a grip, flash cards) etc
My point , dont spend more than is nessesary for the camera itself as you will soon wish to support it with acccesories as your horizons become more broad


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loz said:
Digital Camera Magazine
Has a detailed shootout between 350D and D50.
D50 wins...

But why not the Konica Minolta 5D?
That was my choice

I went for the 350D, and I use a grip with mine. As for head to heads like the one above, it depends on which magazine you read. I think that Digital Camera Magazine are pro Nikon IMO.

I also think that Digital Photo Magazine are pro Canon, again it's just my opinion. By all means use them as a guide but in the end it your choice not theirs. I think you'll be happy with either one, but the Canon got my vote.

ASH1 :smashin:


Thank you guys, i see that there has been atleast 2 thread on this issue.

Thanks Senu and John Martucci for the link.

This is precisely my headache, they are both good DSLR. I can only afford one of them.

Interested to know what does Pokie and barongreenback ends up with. Nikon or canon? (This is no way in making any suggestion that either is inferior if not selected.)


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I think the queston should be Canon or Nikon, what sort of photography are you doing ?. do both companys offer the sort of lens's, flash, etc at a price which suits, there are 101 reasons to pic Canon over the Nikon and 101 reasons to Pick Nikon over Canon.
my point is you purchase a Canon body a few lenses flash remote releases etc, then in a few years Nkon produce the best camera do you change to Nikon and sell every bit of canon equipment you have and buy nikon ?. only to find a few more years later that Canon are the one you want.
The body is only part of the tool required you will probably spend more on lens's flash and accessories than what the camera costs. Look at the whole picture (no pun intended), see what each manufacturer has to offer in lens's of the type you may use.

Hope you have fun choosing and ultimatly spending.




This is what i have learned so far................ no no no...... i am not going for another analysis. canon 350D and nikon D70s are good in their own right.

I went through another forum on dcmag, the same issue is also proping up that which one to choose?

One of the good advise (IMO) i got is, just pick a pick (either canon 350D or nikon D70s) and never read another review DSLR review again. (I think this means for sometime... long time that is).


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At this point in time I feel the 350D is the better camera for the cash, but the truth is you will be happy with either. You're really buying into a system, either Canon or Nikon, and the range and quality of lenses and associated items determines long term satisfaction much more than the body. These come and go but lenses should last you for many years. It's also true that a body is only better if you need the functions/whatever that make it better. Too many want the latest and greatest rather than buying what they need. I could afford a 20D, 5D, whatever but I don't need them. Better get a decent body and then invest in top quality lenses.


A little of topic but have canon sorted the non selectable metering problem in the 350d

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