Cannot wire up my system properly ???


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Hi all,
This is my first post as i am new to all this home cinama lark.
I have just got a sony dav s 888 all in one system and am having a few problems with cables and the correct way to connect it all up. I was hoping someone coild help me , as i cant find the info i am looking for, and didnt get a manual with the system. The problem is,,, i have set up the surround sound system, and can play dvds , and all seems to be working well. I have connected the tv and combo thru the monitor out socket on the back of the dvd/amp, to a scart in the back of the tv ( scart is an adaptor with red,yellow and black rca inputs). The problem is how do i get my widescreen tv, sky box, and vcr to all run thru the sony dav, (as it doesnt have a scart socket on it, just lots of rca cable inputs and outputs) so i can use the surround sound with all my components.
Would appreciate any help or advice, as i say , this is all new to me and i havent got a clue.
cheers, kev.

Stuart Wright

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