Cannot setup '3D vision' pc with blu-ray 3D on HD67N PJ


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I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I hope someone with a similar setup can help me as i have been unable to find any help.

I have a 3D vision Pc with an internal blu-ray player and an Optoma HD67N projector. I am unsure how to setup the dual display settings. The HD67N only allows 3D at 720p yet the pc is unable to display 3D at this resolution as it need 1080. I keep getting a strange message in red telling me 'Warning: attempt to run stereoscopic 3D in non-stereo display mode'. I just cannot seem to output two different resolutions. If i click to change the projector resolution, it changes the pc desktop as well to the same. The projector can downscale from 1080 to 720 if a standard blu-ray disc is used, but if its 3D all hell breaks loose. If i try to manually set the resolution for both the pc and pj, the pc settings become ghosted and unchangeable. I really am in a muddle here. Wasting time fiddling and going no where.

I keep seeing reviews for the 3D-XL and being advertised as a means of playing 3D blu-ray. What about internal blu-ray players in a pc? no mention of that anywhere. I cant seem to find any issues such as mine online, so im assuming people have got it working. I cant see how the projector is claimed as being '3D vision ready' yet i have this issue. As i havent managed to get blu-ray 3d working, i havent bothered even trying the games in 3d.

After forking out for the HD67N, i cant bear the thought of having to buy the 3D-XL. Surely the only need to buy it would be if you didnt have an internal blu-player on the pc or a PS3?

Please help if you can. I did once manage to get each display (pc and projector) to display there correct 120hz mode, but playing movies on the pc displays them on the pc monitor only and the projector screen just shows the desktop but with no icons. Move the mouse off screen on the monitor and it appear then on the PJ (two screen side-by-side)

Would using the 3d vison setup wizard help? i didnt have the projector on when i setup the 3d vision. I read that people should not touch the windows display settings and just use the nvidia.

Thanks in advance...


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Ive managed to getting it working. I have to select the PJ as the primary display, in order for the 3D to kick in and remove the annoying red text message. Then reverse the procedure when done. Cant see another way of doing it without having to buy a dedicated blu-ray player and 3D-XL :/

I'm sure there are some application/display utilities that could simplify this. If anyone knows of one, i would be eternally grateful !!!

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Brilliant, thank you nwgarratt :D have downloaded and looks good. Much appreciated for your reply

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