Cannot log into PSN


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Had this issue for months as you know for a gamer this renders your PS4 a brick unless you want to to lose thousands of hours of online gameplay & or be ble to play online at all.

Changed my password after it would not let me change it for weeks email not turning up, contacted PSN and finally received an email about a week latter, then halfway through the log in process it crashed out, now it is saying that I cannot log into another users account even though obviously it is my account.

I've tried all the usually, logging in on line through the web browser to PSN, and in fact all the PS fixes suggested by PSNow forums and their users before it shut down but just seems deterrmined to deny my authority as the only account holder.

Please also bear in mind you can't use saves between accounts like you could on PS3, so adding a new account is not a solution.

Just as an added bit of info I had all my PC accounts hacked recently, so it could well be a hacked account but I have no idea how I could possibly ask them to return my access? I doubt the hacker even has acces to my account as I changed all my email account passwords recently and have had no further problems there (Note you use these to log into PSN) It just seems a very frustrating and unfixable bug?

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