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So, just to add further complication, my TV is still set to 'Other' location and so Freeview Play is officially disabled but I can still access the Favourites option. However, for some reason my TV now has spontaneously started popping up the 'Click green to watch from start' notification when I switch to a BBC channel.

The BBC iPlayer app is supposed to be disabled on my TV but if I click green I can access it as normal and once it's open I can switch to any other iPlayer programme and watch that instead. So I still have a fully functioning iPlayer app but it doesn't appear in the list of active apps and the only way to access it is through this notification.

That means the only major catchup app missing from my 'Other-ed' TV is now just All4 - it's still installed but you can't access it.

In other news the last Philips firmware update stopped the Philips TV Collection app from constantly reinstalling app's I had deleted and didn't want. So some progress there too.

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