Cannot connect to the internet since upgrading GPU


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I did post this on another of my threads, but I dont think the thread title gave it enough coverage and the problem is really doing my head in now.

I recently ordered a VTX HD 4870 GPU. I have a few problems.

Since installing the card, I no longer have connection to the internet (wired LAN). I have tried everything to rectify this, including reinstalling my old card (HD 4850) and still cannot solve the problem. Now, when booting up, the system fires up, before failing, then successfully fires up on the second attempt. This happens each time the system is booted. Initially I thought that the card may have affected the PSU, but as its an OCZ ModXstream Pro 600w, it should be more than enough for this card. I've done a number of system restores and my pc doesn't seem to be able install catalyst and the drivers either. It's just relying the drivers already on the system. I've tried booting up vista and this doesn't connect either, which makes me think it might be bios or hardware related.Here’s a breakdown of my hardware:

• Black Silverstone LC17B HTPC case
• Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD3P Socket AM2+ ATX
• AMD Phenom II X2 550 CPU BIOS twea has activated the dormant 2 x cores to make it a quad)
• Scythe Mini Ninja Heatsink
• OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w.
• 2 x Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB Hard Drive
• 2 x Corsair 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL4(4-4-4-12)
• 2 x Noctua RF-8 fan
• LG Electronics Blu-Ray & HD-DVD-Rom Combo
• HIS ICEQ 4 HD 4850 Graphics card
• Pinnacle 3010ix Tuner card
• Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S2 HD




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Does anybody have any theories? I'm really worried I've messed up either my psu or mobo.


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Get yourself a Linux Live CD (I'd recommend the latest Ubuntu) and boot from that. It's usually pretty good at detecting the drivers needed for networking, so if it fails there too, then chances are it's a hardware fault.

If the one on the mobo has gone 'pop', then you can always bung in a PCI card. You can pick them up for a fiver or less.


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Cheers for that. I was looking at a pci LAN card on amazon. I'll give that a go.


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haven't ordered the pci slot yet. i wanted to find the driver for the LAN hardware. unfortunately i cant find the hardware and the diagnostics policy service keeps starting then shutting itself down, making any troubleshoot or self repair impossible. does this sound familiar to anybody?


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Could be a virus, which stops you connecting to the net to get updated antivirus files, and to try and stop you getting a way to remove it.

I say fresh install, and use the cd that came with the mobo to get lan drivers.

Btw you dont say what your other OS is.


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Windows 7 7600 on one partion and vista on another. Neither will connect. I did do a virus scan p


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I haven't ordered the new network card yet, as I had read about possible IRQ conflicts. I checked my system and my network card/Lan connector isn't even present . I've uploaded the screen grabs from my device manager. I also tried re-installing the LAN drivers I'd downloaded from the Gigabyte website. This was also unsuccessful. I'm also being told by the system that my version of windows 7 is not authentic and I need to go online and activate! Any ideas? Should i check if the hardware is present via the


in addition, i have cleared the cmos and updated the bios to F5. The clearing of the cmos has strangely corrected the stuttering boot, but the changes have had zero effect on the onboard LAN. I did try updating graphics drivers for vista via a usb stick, which was successful, so I dont think my inability to update gpu drivers on win7 (i've probably messed up win7 independently of this) is linked. I think this may indicate my onboard LAN is dead.


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