Cann this be done?


I don't think it is possible but I have B&W 602's on a Sony 930 AV amp.

I currently use it for music as well and was wondering if I took my record deck of the amp and put it through a valve amp with a phono stage. Ideally i would use another set of speakers but I don't have the room

I could then thought about connecting the valve amp to the 602's as well as the sony amp.

I would have to take the metal plate that goes between the two sets of speaker wire connectors at the back of the speakers.

I then would use one amp at a time. Or would that blow something up.


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It would probably blow something up or you would just get treble from one amp and bass from the other. Connecting two amps to the same speakes is very dangerous since unless you are careful you are in practice connecting the two amps together.



I have changed my mind anyway.

I am trying to sort this out:

I have 601's as rears and have thought occasionally that they were being wasted. I have some old B&W 2002 speakers while they are still lovely speakers they can't compete against 601's.

Therefore, I am trying the 2002 speakers as rears and use a nice valve amp for the 601's. I have my record deck going through the amp as well (built in phono stage) as well as the phono output of my DVD player which I also use as CD player. I can then play a CD through both amps.

I just need to make the room !

I will test the AV side of it tomorrow with the 2002 speakers.

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