Cancelling Sky?


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I have Multiroom and have Sky+ in my bedroom. Basically im paying around £45 a month for all this and I dont really watch that much tv.

So my question is: If I contact sky to cancel everything I have will I be able to see freeview channels with the digital signal? My sky+ box is a Thomson and the box downstairs is a Pace "Sky Minibox" which is a much smaller box.

Im just afraid to cancel everything without knowing what will happen because I couldnt go back to the normal tv signal again.


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(This is the Satellite TV section not the SKY section).

If you cancel you won't get Freeview because that's the UK digital terrestrial system and requires an aerial.

However, the Sky box will continue to get the FTA (Free To Air) programmes that you already see with the card removed (try it) and, with the cancelled card inserted, you should get CH4, FIVE, Sky3, Five Life and Five US in addition.

If you cancel everything, your SKY+ box will not record and will not play back encrypted recordings that you have stored in it. In order to maintain the recording functionality you must ask Sky to continue to charge you £10 a month for that.


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Its usually worthwhile asking Sky to retain the £10/month Sky+ charge as its much harder to organise after you've cancelled everything.

Obviously i'm sure you have already considered the fact your subscription contract and multiroom contract has 12 month agreements and cannot be cancelled early?

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