Cancelling Sky Nightmare


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Just wondered if anyone can give me a few pointers regarding the nightmare I have had trying to cancel my SKY contract

I am moving house so decided I would give Sky a call and see if I could negotiate for phone, broadband and TV as a package

Initially I was offered free broadband and phone for 12 months and told about free movies for two months (none of this 25% off for me!)

I pointed out that my biggest gripe was that I have a 250gb hard drive which meant that I was constantly having to delete programmes to free up room

I was then offered either a 500g box or 1tb box for the £49 deal which I though was ok, i pushed for free to no avail.

Anyway having agreed to go ahead I was then transferred from cancellations team to the house move team who then said that they couldn't honour the deal so put me back to cancellations but to a different adviser than I had spoken to earlier who then confirmed that the earlier deal was in the notes but he wouldnt do it

After then thinking just cancel I was then given a lecture by some litttle about how i should record SD rather than HD to save room on my existing box.

I have asked to speak to a supervisor who was to listen to the earlier call but lo and behold no return call from SKY

To top it off the person who refused the deal thought I had put the phone down and I heard him turn to a colleague (i assume) and say "just had a right pain in the arse on there"!

Anger doesn't describe my feeling towards SKY at the minute

Rant Over
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Not sure if you're wanting to cancel or get a better deal. If you want to cancel then do this and mention the previous call as the straw that broke the camels back. If you are after a better deal, then they may have called your bluff.


You don't say what you want pointers towards but mine is to the Complaints form at MySky.


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Surely you only have yourself to blame? Either you ring to cancel and cancel whatever they say or you ask if there is any deal they can offer you while you move home.

We all have run-ins with different companies from time to time and we know what the agent thinks of us. The fact you heard what he thought of you was just unfortunate.
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Just wondered if anyone can give me a few pointers regarding the nightmare I have had trying to cancel my SKY contract

Yes, easy. If you want to cancel, do so in writing by Recorded Delivery. That way you have zero hassle and you don't get suckered into discussing possible "special offers" that will bind you into another 12 month contract.


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Wow was just trying to recount my terrible customer service experience!

I did and do intend to cancel, i was just pointed out that I was happy to accept an offer to stay which then was changed after I went to another dept

Mod please lock this thread

Oh and yes I have lodged a formal complaint
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You did recount it and we read it, with more or less agreement.
Sky have alot of agents - some good some bad - you got bad ones.
Good idea to complain.:thumbsup:
I'll decide on closing the thread.

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