Cancelling Sky but retaining Sky plus recording on two boxes


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I am looking at cancelling Sky. I may try the route suggested on the forums to try and get a retention deal. But if not I am thinking about what to go for. I have some ideas. Basically I still think the Sky plus pvr is the best out there. I have tried you view and other freeview recorders and seen others in action but none seem to compare with the Sky plus function. I have two boxes and currently have multiroom.

What I would ideally like to do is keep both sky boxes as freesat but retain the recording function on both boxes. However I am aware that Sky would charge for this. Not sure if it is £10 or £12. I wouldn't mind paying this but not double for the two boxes. So do you think Sky would allow me to carry on using both boxes for recording but only pay the one fee?

My wife likes the True Movie channels and watches them on the second box. Unfortunately we only have freeview lite so cannot even go down that route. So this is why i would like to keep both boxes going. Just wondered if anyone else has retained their boxes and paid for recording only and if you can use two boxes.


So why not get a freesat recorder or two?


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Yep get a Humax Freesat PVR, the EPG and series linking functionality is the same, actually it's better because it handles clashes.

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Personally i'd ditch the Sky boxes, and either move to Freesat or if you feel a little more adventurous, then something like a linux based receiver which will also give you a 7 day EPG and the ability to record/series link.


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I got a letter from Sky yesterday to keep the box active and retain the sky plus features for 12 months if I keep broadband and phone with them. I phoned up and assumed just the main box would be kept active under this offer. I couldn't believe it when they said that both boxes would keep the sky plus functions under this deal. Also will be able to use all the relevant catch up services as well. So really pleased. This is exactly what I wanted.

I thought i would have to phone them on Tuesday and haggle with them or pay £10 pm for the main box to be kept on.

I have already bought a humax freesat box and connected a hard drive for recording and was going to use that as my main box. But now I may well send that back. Next September the deal will end and I may have to rethink then. But for now I am happy to keep the sky boxes as freesat boxes with full recording functions.

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