cancelled order- very disappointed


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Hi all,

Just cancelled my order for a ae300 from komplett at £775

i was planning to hook this up to my denon a11 by dvi but this appears not to work

has anyone actually got this to work or is the idea a complete non starter!

Very frustrated!

Which PJ wiuld take DVI from the A11?

david park

I have the Panasonic AE500 and in another thread I 've been advised to buy a player with DVI to use with it.


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Well i am told that the a11 is not compatible with the A300/500 by DVI. Along with the ilink not working with my AX10i

Maybe i could loop it through my iscan ultra?


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Well it's definately won't work with an AE300 since the AE300 doesn't support HDCP, and even if it did it's doubtful the A11 would put out a resolution the AE300 could use (ie 1280x768). The momitsu and clones are a much better choice for the AE300.

It should work with the AE500, but apparently doesn't, which is probably a firmware issue with the A11 which I would expect to be fixed (eventually).

I've seen a compatibility list for the A11 knocking around somewhere, it's is surprisingly incompatible for something using a standard, give it 6 months and I'm sure everything will be a lot more stable.

-- Jon


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Wonder if the AE500 will work from an iscan ultra? Then if they fix the denon i'd already have the cable. Could use component to iscan then the dvi output to the panny. Wonder if anyone is feeding a panny from an iscan


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I went for the Yamakawa DVD-365. It seems to be the best option in regards the cheap dvi players at the moment.

Only slight problem is that they are not that easy to get hold of over here. Got mine from Germany via Not arrived yet but will post my thoughts when it turns up.

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