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Cancelled multiroom but it still works


Novice Member
Hi all.
Bit of background
We cancelled multiroom when we moved house 6 years ago and never plugged the multiroom box back in. We have since upgraded to sky q (1 box only)

I have just plugged the old box (sky hd) back in with the intention of setting up freesat however my full sky package is active on there. Movies and everything.
I don’t pay for multiroom on my account and the box has never been plugged into a phone line. Only wifi.
The second hd box from the previous multi room package is still on my account but no active multiroom subscription. Weirdly though my sky q 2tb box doesn’t appear anywhere on my account. We don’t even have sky q multiroom

I know the kill signal is sent over satellite and it’s likely the card (white card) never received the kill signal as it was off because we were moving and was never plugged in again. It has also never been plugged into a phone line.

What I need to clarify is how long do sky send a kill signal for? Is 6 years+ safe to say they stopped sending the signal.

if I connect the box to wifi will sky see this and then send the kill signal or do they only use the phone line for detection?

What would stop me giving the box to a family member and them basically getting sky for free as long as they don’t connect a phone line and only connect the wifi?

why is my full subscription still working on the old box and I’m not being charged?

Is it safe to use it without the risk of getting charged extra

what do you suggest?

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A SkyHD or Sky+HD box won't work with a Sky Q LNB...unless you have a Hybrid LNB or do you have a separate legacy dish/LNB?

The Grandfather

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So how long before Sky stop sending the ‘kill’ signal? I guess they are wise to this trick and no doubt they randomly send the signal for quite some time.
In a similar vein when I leave Sky in about one months time, if I remove the aerial feeds will I still be able to access my recordings until they are all watched? Hope so as when they are watched the box can go in the roof or even the tip as its not worth the bother of trying to sell it.

Vertigouk I think the old saying applies:- Least said soonest mended. I have a pall who years ago had something similar happen to him and he had a lot of hassle to get it sorted.



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I don't think you'll be able to play your recordings with no signal present.
Unplug the downleads and check.


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The box won't work without a satellite signal for more than an hour or two. They also don't just send a kill signal any more - the cards are authorised for a set period of time (probably a month) and if they don't get another signal in that period, stop working.

The Grandfather

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Thank you both. I‘ll have a play tomorrow with the aerial leads disconnected. As to the card being authorised a month at a time. Well I never considered it but it seems so very obvious! Thanks.

I seem to remember that years ago it was an option to pay a small monthly sum to Sky to be able to still record Free to Air programs.

I shall miss the Sky + HD box but NOT the cost and the rotten broadband service.
Win some lose some.



That small sum was - maybe still is - £10.

The Grandfather

Established Member
Logiciel. Thanks for that. I didn’t ask Sky about it as I just want to be shot of them and have no wish to further enhance their coffers, albeit by a small amount.
SWMBO will get the BT box for her soaps/cookery programs and I will hunt out a set top box for the main TV. I want an Aura but will probably get a Manhattan as threads on this forum seem to say that the Aura is still work in progress. It’s the Aura’s ability to be made to record via a phone app that appeals. In this area the Sky +HD box was brilliant.

If you just disconnect the aerial feeds then recordings are still available to be watched. However if you power cycle the box then nothing is available whilst the aerial feeders remain disconnected and the screen says that it is still initialising and to check back later. It never leaves this state so Sky have got their software right.
So its off to the WEEE skip for them as its not even worth salvaging the HDDs.


If it’s still available it’s not necessary as there are numerous catch-up services.
The Aura is fine but much the same applies.

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