Can you tell if your listening to MP3 s?

My friend says he can tell when I'm playing MP3 s when he comes over to my place. I rip mine at 160 or 190 and I cant tell the difference over playing CDs even when I listen closely to the highest frequencies (hi-hits or cymbals). How many people can tell the difference and what do you listen for?


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compressed high-end stands out for me, I had bjorks 'vespertine' album ripped to 192, and her voice still had some noticeable flatness to it in places.


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When wandering around the house or listening to background music, it's MP3 192K via my HTPC, but if I sit down and want to really want to enjoy the music, then it's back to the CD's. On my system it is very noticable.


with my cheapo speakers theres no tellin if the source is CD or mp3, but with decent headphones then theres a BIG difference.


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Also depends on your age, high frequency starts to go off after age 15, apparently. I'm 59 and MP3s sound great!

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