Can you "stack" 2x12 month xbox live gold cards?


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Hi guys.

I recently put 12 months of xbox live gold service onto my xbox 360 (with the pro evo bundle thing)

My question is...could I add another 12 months on top of this?

If I added another gold card NOW, would it over-write my existing one, or would it show as a seperate entry under the "my subscriptions" page?

I want to hear from people that have actually done this sucessfully with 2x cards at once.

Thanks for any help:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Yes I have stacked one year on top of this year and it now says that my Live expires November 2007 :). I presume you can stack as many as you like, but i've only stacked 1 extra year so far so couldn't say for certain.


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dont quote me on this but i think it allows you to stack up 3 years of membership in advance.
I have 2 years worth of live on my 360! Just enter the codes and they will add onto the original time.

They don't override the current code, so you'll be fine.

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