Can you repair a scratched plasma screen?


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My four year old daughter recently decided to take a metal fork to my Pioneer PDP-428-XD plasma, she made three small, fine scratch marks on the screen which are hardly noticeable, particularly when the TV is on.

Of course, I know where they are and now they stick out like a sore thumb so I decided to involve my home insurance - Abbey, who in turn passed it onto Crawfords. They sent out the loss adjuster, then Comet. It then went back to Crawfords who tried to offer me a Panasonic (spit!) so it then went to Ival, who are now telling me it can be repaired by replacing the glass filter. All I will pay is the £125 excess.

Looking over similar stories on these forums, I was under the impression that you cannot replace the glass filter on plasmas.

Out of interest, I asked how much they would give me instead of the repair and they offered me the repair price of £1296 minus the £125 excess - £1171 will not buy me a new one.

It's a shame I cannot show you photos of the damage, it is currently in its box in another room.

What do you reckon experts?


Id phone pioneer and ask them if it can be repaired by replacing the glass filter.:)

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