Question Can you remember: UK kids TV, baddie turns characters into toys


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I have been trying to remember and find out about a TV show I watched a long time ago for many years, and wondered if anyone here might know/remember it or be able to suggest other specialist forums that might know something.

This is, I think, a children's TV show that I saw in the 90s but could be a rerun of something from the 80s or 70s.

The thing I remember clearest is the baddie in the show was trying to kidnap other characters and put them into a large machine that drained their essence(?) and turned them into small toy versions of themselves. Their essence was something that the baddie gathered together as some sort of gloopy fluid that they were going to drink to make themselves stronger. Maybe the big baddie wasn't yet physical and was relying on a couple of henchmen to do the abducting?

It was live action, not a cartoon. It was set in a make-believe world. I think I remember one of the characters was a rat or a mouse and he was quite a large man in costume with face paints on, but it's quite a hazy memory there. I think similarly there was also a cat character. The other characters were maybe like a scarecrow or made-up things rather than all people dressed as animals.

It's all a little hazy but it's been bothering me for years that I can't remember it. Any help would be greatly received!

I guess if I don't mind out I'll just write a book of it and wait for someone to sue me for copyright ?

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