Can you redeem foreign Xbox 360 Game Codes?


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Nov 23, 2005
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Hi can someone who may have tried this offer a definitive answer. Can you, similar to like you can for XboxOne games, purchase a foreign Xbox360 Game code and redeem it onto a UK account using a VPN connected to that regions store?

My reason for asking is I really want to play SoulCalibur II HD that is only on the Xbox360 and is backwards compatible on the XboxOne. It has never been on sale, and its currently £16 on the UK store but MTC codes have it for £5 from the Brazilian store and want to buy it.

But don't want to buy it if I find I cannot redeem it on my account. So can I buy this Xbox360 code and set my VPN to Brazil and will it let me redeem it or will I have any issues?
360 Games are Region Locked and I am sure you should not try and get round that, people have had accounts locked for trying to get round the region locks for 360 games.

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