Can you record Sky programs onto a non-sky PVR?


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Can you record Sky programs onto a non-sky PVR?

80 - 90% of the programs I ever record are on Freeview channels, so I wanted to get a Freeview PVR like the Humax PVR9200T or Logik - LPV2250, rather than pay £500+ for sky+ ( I usually keep kit for 3 years so 3X£120+£99+£60=£520)

However I would occasionally like to record a sky program (I have a basic sky package ( with amstrad sky digibox) onto a non-sky PVR like the ones mentioned above?

Is this possible, if so can anyone please recommend an appropriate PVR?

Fred Smith

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Read the sticky fourth post down!!!!!!!


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....which says, basically, "no".

To record from a Sky box you need either the Sky + PVR or a recorder of sorts with an external input. The only such devices are good old VCRs and DVD recorders (with or without a Hard Disc - I suggest "with").

Some Freeview PVRs have inputs, but these are present for loopthrough purposes only; they CANNOT be made to record anything except received Freeview from an aerial.

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