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Can you recommend these B&W speakers?


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If you're keen on B&W CM S2 Series book-shelf speakers, you may try the CM6 S2.
On top tweeter not merely adds to the aesthetics, but adds another dimension to sound. IMHO that is!


Oh no, Sethi, those are really ugly ;-) I want proper sound quality but I can't have these things in both my home cinema and my living room....

I've already opened a thread on the best way to go for my home cinema (mostly my husbands domain), wanted to surprise him. But now I also need a set up for the living room.


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Reviews on what hifi and tech radar suggest that they are best used at higher listening volumes and are not as good a lower levels. Also suggest good bass but mid/treble could be improved.

Are these new or second hand, if you have a budget and also what they are going to be used with (amp and source) and for (type of music) I am sure there will be plenty of people on here will suggest alternatives.

These are in the £750-1000 range of speaker, others to consider are -
Kef LS50 usually well recommended in this price range if you want a more musical and better for vocal/orchestral etc. but need good amp/source to make then sing
B&W CM5 better for rock and louder listening, easier to partner
Kef R300 somewhere in between.

note - these speakers will all need stands so if he does not already have them you may need to factor this in.

Hope this helps.


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My bad!

Forgot 'ladylike' might be inclined to aesthetics aspect as well :) Sad news is B&W hasn't yet decided to provide set of eyeliner & gloss alongside B&W CM6 to accentuate its beauty quotient - esp for customers with refined aesthetic sense and/or are connoisseurs of beauty. :D Just kidding..lol

Well jokes aside, lets try figure some better looking speakers. But before that, it'll be better if you may fix few parameters to bring things into perspective -
1. Orientation: Music, Movies, Both?
2. Space: Living room or dedicated HT room?
3. Budget
4. Sound Signature Preference - Warm, Transparent, Lively etc (details at later stage)
5. Aesthetics

If looks are high on your list, and you're looking at something minimally intrusive, with small footprints, On-Walls could be potential buy. However, there'd be some trade-off in sound quality, just as there's between Book-Shelves & Floor-Standers.

In my personal opinion, money/space leverage in BS usually disappears moment one adds 'stands' to them. Therefore, FS invariably are usually better choice than BS per se. However, if you have furniture to justify nomenclature "book shelf", than BS is also a worthy contender.

Coming to On-Walls, Dali has some nice speakers - nice sound, good with music & movies, and small footprint. You can try Dali Opticon LCR or Rubicon LCR (more costly). In fact, someone here is selling boxed Opticon LCR at good discount. It may as well be quite a decent option for you!

No disrespect to Ugg, but insofar KEF is concerned, they disappointed me big time during recent auditions. I was so enamored with KEF LS50, wanted 5.0 of them without hearing. LS50 has simply stunning looks & excellent reviews (some even calling them "mini reference"). But in audition found them diametrically opposite. Changed many tracks, so as to find one excuse to buy them. Having failed with LS50, tried R500, better but no compelling reason to buy either. R700 was best (of the lot), but for asking price, certainly not. Overall KEF was biggest disappointment! I do like WARM, but they appear to be DULL. Can make even chronic insomniacs to sleep. I can't buy speakers for medicinal value, so KEF isn't my cup of tea!

However, they are well regarded speakers, with quite a large fan following, so you never know you might like them. IMO, I found B&W was any day better than KEF, so was Dali.

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Thanks for that Sethi. So you're saying I should go for B&W or Dali?

1. Orientation: Music, Radio ( no loud music)
2. Space: Living room
3. Budget: I'm not sure, I'm thinking about 300 pounds
4. Sound Signature Preference - Warm, Transparent, Lively etc (details at later stage)
5. Aesthetics: something that doesn't hurt my eyes.
6. Eyeliner and gloss included: yes please ;-)

I made a wish list on Peddler to best compose my whole set up and get some inspiration. I want to replace my old amp at some point so if I can get a good deal in the near future I will buy it.
Which one on the list would you recommend?


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B&W and Dali are both nice. B&W are warmer than Dali, but the latter has such a nice balance. The sound signature is livelier than B&W, but not at all bright/harsh.

Here we are entering into realm of relativity - for those who likes Dali (like I do), B&W would appear to be 'relatively duller', while those who have ears for B&W, may find Dali a little brighter. One certain edge with Dali is double tweeter which certainly (scientifically) has better sound dispersion capabilities (aka larger sweet spot). No wonder, at times, some refer to B&W as having 'home sound'.

That said, book-shelves will look like the name suggest that is "Boxy", irrespective of brand and/or series. On-Walls were specifically designed (I think) for set of consumers who wants good sound, but minimal footprints. Hence, observing your inclination, I suggested Dali Opticon LCR - sounds good, looks good, but also priced good!. RRP is around £499/piece. But you may contact a forum member here who was selling (he has 5 of them), and you'd get a pair for around £650-700.

Strictly adhering to your budget (£300), I think, Dali Zensor 3 are decent option. Then again someone is selling Quad book-shelves at around same price. So you may consider that. But they both would be Book-Shelves. Another potential option could be - Dali Fazon Sats. I have heard Fazon 5.1 setup, and for their price they sound quite nice. I guess, you should explore a few in classifieds section and you should get something nice.

Last but not the least, budget is not as big a constraint as expecting a makeup kit.
And they they say women are complicated? Well I disagree, that's quite a legitimate demand (eyeliner & gloss) lol... :laugh: Reminds me of this golden line - 'what woman wants' :rolleyes:

PS: Surf classifieds, shortlist few speakers in your budget, and lets it forward from there.
Good luck hunting!



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The CM5 is an extremely common speaker, and you should have no problem finding a place to audition them. They do sound very good. Trust your ears.

The CM6 is definitely a better speaker but also considerably more expensive -

CM5 = £950/pr

CM6 = £1499/pr

As to the CM needing more Mid/High, that is a matter of opinion. Recently in another forum someone auditioned the CM series and thought they sounded too bright. Though that has not been my experience after several auditions. I though they were very well balanced.

Other speakers that you might consider in a similar price range -

Monitor Audio Silver 50 Rosenut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Monitor Audio - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Tannoy Revolution XT6 Speakers - Superfi

Dali Opticon 2 Speakers - Superfi

Monitor Audio Silver 100 Walnut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Monitor Audio - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Focal Aria 906 Walnut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Focal - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

KEF R300 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

I would expect good results from any of these speakers, it is just a matter of finding a pair you like.

Of those listed, I would probably lean toward the Dali Opticon 2, Monitor Audio Silver 100, and the Focal Aria 906. Focal are noted for being exceptionally clear speakers. And I would given the B&W CM5 very serious consideration, I've already auditioned them several time and was very impressed with what I heard.



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Also, so far, that I can see, there is no mention of an AMP.

And thoughts on what amp you would like to use, and how much you might be willing to spend?

Just off the top of my head, I would say amps in perhaps the £400 to £600 range, though you could easily go up to £1000 or more on an amp.

Also, while being in the lounge, is there any chance you might want to use the Amp/Speakers with TV? If so, best to get an amp with an Optical Digital Inputs. Relatively common today.

Next, do you have any interest in Streaming of Audio from local storage or from the Internet. This can by built into an Amp or you can get a separate Streaming Unit, though the separate units tend to be expensive (more or less).


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