Can you Recommend component and digital coax cables pls


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Hi All,

Finally bought most of the equipment but stuck on cables.

Basically I'm after

2 x 2m Component Cables
2 x 2m Toslink cables (Is this also refered to as digital optical output ?)

1 x 5m Component cable
1 x 5m Stereo L/R cable ( I think thats what it is called)

The budget is £80.

I have no idea where and what makes / models to look for and whether the budget will be sufficient!

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Cables are an emotional topic. The best advice I can give is to find a retailer that has demo leads within your budget that they will let you take home and try in your own system.

You will have to leave a deposit, but then you can take your time to evaluate the pro's and con's of each cable for your ears and eyes.

Me I like Van Den Hul, but that's my personal choice.

Hope that helps,



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Had a quick look on flea bay and the offers here and don't think my budget will get me anything branded like QED, Chord etc.

Can anyone recommend something better than the freebies thrown in with equipment but maybe not branded / famous?


harry m

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have a look on the mark grant website thats where i sourced mine on the advert at bottom of page.i e-mailed him when i got my xe1 and found him very helpful.


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PC World do a 1.8m Belkin component cable for £7.49:
Ignore the image, it's definitely component and not S-Video.

For the optical/toslink cables, pretty much the cheapest cable you can get will be fine.

The 5m component and L/R Phono are a personal choice - pick a budget and see what you can get for your money and whether you think it's worth paying more than the cheapest available.

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