Can you play with the "bias" to alter amp sound ?


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My local technician was telling me that my Rotel power amp could use some " bias fine tuning " after few years of use, and that will improve the sound . That's first time I hear of such a thing. Either recession is hitting that tech really hard, that he's coming with new ideas, or just me, missed that info and never heard about it.


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He's talking about altering the amount of standing current passing through the output transistors,to adjust the amount of Class A operation the amp runs in.

Usually,this is at the level of a few watts or less,as the heat dissipation issues obviously increase rapidly,and with some amps,fan cooling becomes a neccessity,as in the older Krells.

Some current Class A amps use adaptive biassing where the input signal is tracked,and the bias adjusted accordingly,to keep the output stages in Class A at all times,but only using as much current as is required.

This may help...

Adjusting the Bias Of Your Amp [English]


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If you are interested why not make a deal with him.

Maybe along the lines of -

Fine do the work but if we can't hear the difference then it is free :devil:


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Well, what do you know... That report shows that after few years of use , bias could be offset, and affects sound clarity. Even if mine was offset, my ears got used to it gradually over time . So I would rather not mess with it, but now, that I know that there are fine adjustments, I have that thing in my head " you could improve it.... you could improve it..."


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See if he will chuck in a general service and clean it all up/check everything is as it should be. The only thing is if it's got better with time :D what then!? You'll have to wait another few years to get that back!! Seriously though if I had a nice amp getting old that I intended on keeping for a few more years, I'd pay to get it looked at once in a while, peace of mind if nothing else, so long as it didn't need parts I can't see it being much over £50 or so...

edit: Don't know how I got to this but I just realised it's quite old... Sorry.

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