Can you paint a non fixed screen and is it advisable?


I needed a screen with a long drop, so purchased a 1:1 screen of the right width as it worked out much cheaper.

I now need to work out how to black out the top section of it, and wondered if painting is the best option, or if there would be problems wen it was then wound back up?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Obviously he wants to achieve correct aspect ratio being 16:9 or 2.35:1

It depends what fabric your screen is made of. If its glass fibre backing you can spray fine layer of normal black matt car paint , but if it’s pvc than the paint will act as a glue and you can put your screen in the bin or keep it permanently down.

Try small area at the top first and see if it’s rolling out ok or get sticky.

Don’t forget to cover rest of the screen as the spray dust will go everywhere.

Sometimes budgeting is not the best option and in the long term can cost you more money.
Lot’s of people on this forums started with the blind then move to the basic , cheap screen and eventually move to proper screen.
You don’t buy cheapest projector so why compromise on the screen?

Only my opinion.

Good luck and tell us how did it go.



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  • How Big is the screen ? (width / height of desired viewing area)
  • As previously asked, what is the type/Mfg of the Screen
Spraying Retractable Screens is quite "do-able". However the spraying of Black Borders requires a careful and measured approach.

Of primary importance is how well you can mask the edge, You MUST use the best "Safe Release" Tape you can muster up, and then apply your paint very sparsely. Otherwise it will "wick" it's way under / or through the tape and leave you with little "fingers' protruding down into the Screen area.

I use a 2" wide "Safe Release" tape set 1/4" below my desired "edge" than overlay a more secure, normal "Masking Tape" to set the 'Edge' securely onto the surface. The 1/4" edging of the stouter Tape will pull off easily, but being a more denser material, it will help prevent possible "Bleed through" with more effectiveness.

I'd then overlay some Plastic onto the Quick Release Tape and seal it onto it using the regular Masking Tape. Extend the masking Plastic out beyond the sides by at least 1' and wrap the ends around the edge of the Screen and seal the plastic's edges on the back of the Screen with Tape as well...

2-3 very thin and rapidly applied "Dusting coats" along the taped edge, each being allowed to dry COMPLETELY....will seal the Taped edge against paint leaking under the tape. Well...if you apply a saturated coat at any time you still might have issues. But a Flat Matte Black Paint will cover just have to be patient through the process, and apply only the amount needed to effect your solution..

Use a GOOD quality that has Polyurethane additives for flexibility...or add such yourself (Water based Clear Matte).

You can certainly do it....just be sure to do it right. :lesson:

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