Can you mount a TV too low on a bracket?


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Hello! I've been searching for an answer to my question and y'all seem to be the most knowledgable people I've come across on my quest for some guidance.

I've had a 60 inch plasma tv mounted on a wall for about 10 years. I decided to upgrade to an 65 inch OLED tv and had a company come by to dismount the old tv and mount the new one on the same bracket. After he was done mounting the new tv, it sits noticeably higher on the wall. Maybe even too high. I asked the technician if there would be a way to lower it and he said that the tv was already as low as he could get it.

After he left, I checked the back of the tv and there appears to be holes that I can lower the tv to. If I were to do that, would it sit too low on the mount? Is there any danger to the tv being that low on the mount?

Here is a before picture:

Here is the current set up without the sound bar:

And here is the back of the tv:

Can I take the tv down to the very last opening on the bottom of the bracket? Or do I have to get used to the view?

Your responses are appreciated!


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Those spacers are on the wrong side of the bracket and where are the washers?


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I can see why the installers have done what they've done (for ergonomic reasons) but it looks like you could drop the TV down to the bottom holes on that bracket without any issues, IMO. That would rely on using holes for the top bolts rather than a slot though, so I would measure the vertical distance between the TV's VESA holes and check you have exactly the same distance between those lower holes on the bracket. If there isn't a hole exactly the same distance up from that bottom hole, then you won't be able to do what you want.

While you've got your tape measure out, you might also want to check that the top of the bracket won't stick up over the top of the top of the screen, which would look odd. It doesn't look like it will from your photo, but I would measure to be sure.

Also - it looks like the installers have used plastic spacers instead of using bolts of the correct length, which is a bit lazy. The top-left spacer has been half-pulled into the bracket slot, which doesn't look particularly secure. My bracket came with metal inserts for this purpose but if your's didn't, then you can also use metal washers. They need to fit snugly around the bolts and be a fair-bit wider than the bracket hole, but still fit within the confines of the bracket strut. In the UK, they're often known as 'penny washers' and cost (literally) pennies.

Whether you're able to drop the TV by a few inches or not, it still looks to be around 5ft off the floor, yet it looks like you've got room underneath to mount it at a much more comfortable viewing height - is there any reason why it's so high up the wall ? The ideal viewing height would be around 2-3ft for a TV of that size.

The last thing to mention is that, despite the new OLED being (presumably) a fair bit lighter than your old plasma, it will still be quite a weight to lift (and awkward too at that height) so you will definitely need help with this. I would even be tempted to say that 3 people will be needed - one at each side to hold the TV and a third person to attach the bolts. You need to take a lot of care not to put any pressure on the screen, so it's wise to take the weight of the TV from underneath at each side and simply use a hand further up to steady the TV and not let it tip over.


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Thank you, all, for your responses.

I plan to have three people helping me - two to hold the tv from underneath on the sides, one to keep it from tipping over, and I'll be securing the bolts on the back. In my head this is gonna work out great. Fingers crossed

Why the tv is up so high is because when I moved into this house 10 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and didn't take the viewing angles into consideration. face palm Hence, it's higher than I would like but at this point I'm used to it and the idea of taking the mount down, re mounting it, and having to deal with the old holes is something that I do not want to take on.

I have measured the holes and I'm confident that I can move it down with no issues. The kit did come with washers and I'm not sure why the installer did not use them. I hadn't noticed that the top spacers on both sides were not sitting correctly. Great catch! I plan to adjust those and include the washers tomorrow when I move the tv down.

For clarification: Are the spacers supposed to be between the tv and the bracket instead of having the tv directly against the bracket with the spacers on the other side?


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For clarification: Are the spacers supposed to be between the tv and the bracket instead of having the tv directly against the bracket with the spacers on the other side?
Spacers are put between the TV body and bracket strut if there are any obstructions which mean that the bracket struts can't lie flat against the case. If they can (and it looks like they can from your photo), then there is no need to use them, IMO. I don't have any spacers on mine.

The reason your installer used them (incorrectly) is because the bolts are too long and they presumably didn't have access to bolts of the right size. If you want to put the TV back up without spacers then you'll need to use some bolts of the correct length. Use suitable washers between the bracket and bolt head.

if you paid for someone to do that, then I would personally make a complaint, because they took shortcuts and didn't do it properly.
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Personally I always have the spacers between the tv and bracket.

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