Can you help me extend my system partition with space?


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My brother said he received a low disk space message when using my laptop. So, I immediately checked the free space of my system partition and found there was only little free space left. So, I directly deleted a partition that held nothing and wanted to add the space to this partition. But, I failed. The Extend option in Disk Management could not work. What’s wrong with it? What can I do to extend this partition? Help me, please!


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What do you mean by “failed”? What have you tried? Get a grayed “extend” option in Disk Management?

Have you tried some partition resizing tools yet?

Back up all important partition data and select a reliable partition resizing tool to see whether you can extend your partition successfully, like GParted, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, Active Partition Master and the like.

Never forget to make data backups before resizing in case of data loss.


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Recently, I have some great success to extend my system partition with the guidance of a video tutorial:

I hope it also can help you out.

Of course, never forget to make data backups at first, in case of data loss.


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Need to find out why it didnt work.

The first thing i would suggest is to free up some space on your disk by emptying your web caches and recycle bin.

Then delete any apps you dont use.
Clear out your download folders.

Another thing i would suggest is instead of extending your partition setup a data partition and move your files/music/films/downloads (everything not to do with the os or a program) to it.

Lastly do a search for all files over 2mb and see what comes up - if in an os folder or program folder prob leave it otherwise decide if its needed then move it.
Spacesniffer will show you where all your space has gone, graphically.
As said keep one partition for OS and Installed programs and have other partitions for Data, like photos,spreadsheets,projects,videos.


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