Can you help me deciding on a camcorder?


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Hi everyone, merry christmas!!

I have recieved some money for christmas and i am looking to get a camcorder for shooting some movies.

I have in the past done some movies of the moon using my friends Kodak Zi6.

What i am looking for is something that will perform as well if not better, that does 60FPS at 720p minimum..I will be doing more videos of the moon and hopefully stars so anything that performs well in low light settings would be good, also a tripod port is essential.

I have upto £200 to spend. Can you guys point me in the right direction?:).

Digital Camcorders

I would like to buy the camera from here as i am returning somthing, is there anything in there lineup that would be suitable?.

Thank you for any help and advice, merry christmas:)
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Also, i am looking for a nice bright image of the moon like the video shot with the Zi6, many videos seem to be quite alot dimmer.


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Find it difficult to believe that moon pic was taken live using a Zi6 with a 10" telescope - but if you say so....

I suggest it is the telescope that needs the tripod support; the camera hangs on the end of that. If you go the other way the camera will be ripped apart by the strain . . . . FWIW.


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I was quite pleased with the video so im hoping thats a compliment! :)

I can assure you that the video was taken A-focal using a Zi6 mounted on a seperate jessops tripod and a skywatcher 250px dobsonian reflector (dobsonian mounted with its own mount).

i have a universal adaptor for mounting digital cameras to the telescops eyepeice, however due to the design and eyepeice placement the lense of the Zi6 was too high and i had to use the seperate tripod.

I tryed taking a video with my panasonic lumix DMC-FS3 digital camera (the Zi6 was borrowed fom a friend), and the brightness and quality just was not there. So i am wondering what is making the video taken with the Zi6 so nice and bright? does it have a large image chip? i know its a budget camcorder so its unlikely, but other cameras i have tryed did not produce the same results.

I have just ordered a Zi6 brand new from ebay for 45 pounds to keep me going whilst i save for something better!.

But i dont know where to go next, and how much i will have to spend to get considirably better quality.

This may be the wrong forums but do DSLRs take good video footage? im also considering saving up for one of those instead.



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Yes they certainly can. A lot of wedding pro's use dslrs for video.

Super footage. The z16 may just have been set to a slower shutter speed. For the same aperture a slower shutter speed collects more light.
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If you have received the Z16, then you'll be able to tell us - could it be Z16 has a small sensor, but large aperture lens - this would be easier to achieve, with a small chip where the whole point is "fun" vids in everyday situations.
-whereas the Pana Lumix is a somewhat older design (is it?), which wasn't designed with video in mind.
Indeed many camera-makers have been a bit slow noticing they have a video-camera on the shelf - and when they do it's spec is often (shall we say?) somewhat poor.

Certainly DSLRs are v.popular in the wedding video maerket, as tthey work for still also - and many folks like the shallow DoF which makes their Reception look like a Hollywood set. Canon seems to have the edge, although I supported Nikon in "film" days, now I have a NEX5 for video-learning....but hanker after Canon XF105.


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A telescope on a camera can achieve what you did very well,regarding the brightness i take it you had to use the cameras iris left on auto and clearly it worked very well Untitled on Vimeo with this test not as good as yours because i had no telescope the iris is set manualy and may be closed down a bit too much,yous is great with the equipment used.
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