Can you help diagnose the problem with my Hifi?

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Also, terminated Naim NAC speaker cable is preposterously expensive. Truly obscene.

This is essentially the same stuff. So, buying this and snipping of the plugs to show new copper and soldering one end to the naim plugs will be your best bet, if it’s an older Nait.

If it’s the Nait 5 I mentioned earlier in the thread, then any speaker cable at around 2.5mm cross section will do the job. Including the cable talk too of course.
Yea it's the 5si mate.

Tbh the early signs are that I'm not mad keen. The sound seems very light, and too bright, but when I turn it up to try and hear more of a song it sounds harsh (this is about 10/11 o clock on the dial, for most songs. Anything less than 9 o clock is way too quiet for most songs).

I suppose the next step is to get get some new speaker cable and try that. I'm extremely reluctant to get the soldering iron out however as at this stage, mainly because I might sell the amp on yet.

I'll give it more listening but I'm not sold on the Nait 5 at this stage, or possibly that the amp isn't the issue, or at least isn't the only issue. So it could be back to the drawing board basically but I'll give it more of a listen (and compare to the nad).



I can only offer my humblest of apologies for the suggestion as it seems it may not have worked out.

I’m surprised that you can only use so little of the volume control too.

Then I had a check of the Naits spec’s and found that the claimed input impedance is allegedly 150mv.

That is ridiculously tiny. Truly daft in fact.

It may be that the source is overloading the input causing the horribleness you describe.

Can I make a suggestion to check this out?

Try lowering the volume from the CCA to the Nait to around one quarter of max.

Then use the amps volume control to raise it to normal listening levels.

You should then be getting normal listening volume at around 12 o’clock on the dial, or perhaps a little more.


Ps, I truly hate to mention this as it sounds so obvious, but I doubt anyone into hifi has not made this mistake at some point.

Check to see if the polarity of the speaker cables is right.

That is red to re and black to black from the amp to the speakers on both.


Ps, it’s useful to know that Naim, for reasons historical and that should have been changed long before now, have the speaker terminals back to front.

That is the right hand output is on the left and the left output on the right hand.

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