Can you help choose one from this list?


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Hi all,

I'm on the market for a nice tv that will live a few years technologicaly. I want the TV for the following purposes:

- HD TV, fibre-optic service
- Connection to the pc to watch movies, series, who knows gaming: I intend to do this by connection the hdmi tv to the dvi graphics card. Sound I imagine it's just like plugging some columns.

So the tv inputs are pc (video and sound) and tv ( video only I guess).

The list is the following. Imagine you wanted one:

Sony KDL-32v5500
Sony KDL-37w5500
Samsung LE40B650
Samsung LE40b651
Samsung LE32B651
Samsung UE32B6000
Lg 37Lh4000
Lg 42lh4000

Thanks a lot.


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here's a post i wrote about the 40b650. that and the b651 are the tv, differences are cosmetics.

I've not connected my pc to it, but i do make use of the VGA connection (no input lag) and the HDMI (some without game mode enabled). you wouldn't need to connect it this way for what ou are doing though, you could connect the TV to your home network and stream to the TV.

others may be able to help you with opinions on the other sets.


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First of all thanks a lot!

Just one question. When you say stream to the TV is via ethernet cable/wireless? Do the tv's nowdays have pc software to do that?

I'm asking this because my first ideia was to connect the tv wireless to the router and It could read a network folder for example.

This way I could navigate through the folders and choose what file to play.
I choose the option DVI->HDMI because iI think it gives me long term support in terms of new codecs that come and go from time to time.

I tried to ask how the interaction worked on a big store and they couldn't tell me the details.

Once again, thanks, I will read your review. Thank you.


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Hi Bitoiu, it works like the xbox360 or ps3 does. if you're pc is switched on and on the same network you can stream files from your PC to your PS3 and play them on your TV. only with this you don't need a ps3 or xbox360. you plug the tv into the network, set your PC up as a media centre (windows media player can do this, there's some "share content" option, cant remember it's exact name), the tv finds the pc on your network, and you can browse your shared content folders with your TV and open and play back music and video files. the samsung can play back more file formats than the sony.

I've not actually done this with mine yet as i have a 16GB usb stick with some AVI's on that i am using at the moment. i just plug it into the side of the TV and watch my AVI's off that. this is more convenient for me as i don't have a network cable that runs to the TV and i don't want to relocate my PC and use my TV as a monitor. in fact i don't really want my PC on unless i'm using it as its a gaming machine and uses a lot of power, so i'd never really stream from it anymore.

you should try reading the owners thread for the b650 and the w5500 for their pro's and cons, they really helped me decide, but for media play back the biggest issue with the sony seems to be how few file formats it supports.


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Thanks again mate :)

Due to your remarks I'm tending to the samsing 50, since you say that the difference to the 51 is only cosmetic. I will read the sony review just to see what they say about it.

By the way, I don't know if it's the same, but I want to connect the TV to the router and not the pc :)

Thanks, you've been a great help.

Btw: You didn't comment on the LG's, don't you recommend or you just don't have a formal opinion?



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never really looked at the LG's. for me it was between sony, samsung, and panasonic. the new panasonic's aren't out just yet i don't think, so i went with the samsung. at the moment the general opinion is that the b650 is probably the best tv in its price range, so i went with that and was not disappointed at all.

and yes, sorry, i meant connect it to your router, not directly to your PC :)

maybe someone who has actually hooked it up can offer more advice than me, but it is covered in the owners thread quite a lot so you should find any other info you need there if you have a quick scan through it. personally i don't think i'll use this feature. if i need more than 16GB at any one time i'll just buy an external hard drive and plug that in to it.


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haha, i don't take sides when it comes to manufacturers. i just buy the best that i can afford at the time. this time it's samsung :)


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Hi mates,

Sorry for bothering. I promisse and try to help as soon as my tv arrives.

I ordered a 37b651, the problem is the following.

I plan to connect my pc this way: DVI-HDMI and sound via 3.5mm -> 2x Male RCA.

Samsung LE40B651 40in LCD TV Video Review - TrustedReviews

In this video I saw that the RCA L/R are in a component area, and I'm afraid I ordered the worong cable.

Please, from the video assure me that I need a simples Male/Male 3.5mm to connect from the pc to the TV....

PS: The video has a part with all the sockets in the back.

I'm getting my tv tomorrow and all the cables are ordered so could you please respond as soon as you can?

Thanks a lot :)

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