Can you hear fan noise?


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I know heat dispersal is an issue. On av amps with fans are they audible during quiet passages. I'm weary of buying an amp with a fan for this reason (eg AX3, 4550, etc.).



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I've had 3 different amps and never heard the fan on any of them. An amp's fan is MUCH quieter than one on a P.C. or laptop. Not an issue IMO unless your rack is 1 foot behind your head?


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Hardly AV amps I guess,but it's very difficult to hear the fans on my KMA100's which have a far higher air flow than most AV receivers,so I'd be surprised if you have problems with a receiver,unless it's very close to your listening position.


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It really depends on how sensitive your ears are and how quiet your listening area is.

I used to have a Nakamichi AV-10 amp and one night while watching a movie quietly (the family was asleep) I became aware of a noise from my rack. I worked out it was the Nak's fan and from that point on I became increasingly aware of the fan noise.

I eventually got rid of it and got a Denon 3803 (no fan) and now have a Marantz sr9300 (no fan). :) It has made a difference to me (though it's worth noting that I subsequently discovered the Nak had a reputation for fan noise).


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I hate the fan noise that comes from my X-Box with a passion :mad:, then again, it's doing the job of a fully fledged PC in a small space so I shouldn't complain too much!

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