Can you have two TV 'programmes' running to different outputs?

Ian Trotter

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I'm looking in to building a HTPC and would like to know if some of my grand ideas are possible.

CPU would be a dual core unit of some sort.
I'll probably put two twin digital Tv cards in (with reg. hack to enable).

The main quality viewing would be using a X-card & SDI output video signal + digital audio out.

I would like to know if I could have a second programme running (CBeeBee? for the Kids) in the background output through a 'TV-out' then modulated to RF and distributed around the house.

I have an IR system linking remote control signals around the house as well, so it would be necessary to differentiate between the programmes to avoid channel flicking problems between the destinations.
I see this as the stumbling block, do different TV applications use the same IR codes for similar instructions?

Any body tried this 'dual monitor' type of arrangement or are my dreams a bit up in the sky?

Ian T.

The Dude

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I don't see why not... :thumbsup:

That's not really any different to a normal PC dual monitor setup.
You'd have TVprogram1 > Tvcard1 > output1 on your graphics card
You'd have TVprogram2 > Tvcard2 > output2 on your graphics card.

I use my TV as just a 'secondary monitor'...

All my programs open up on the PC monitor (display1), except for movie players which are all set to open up on the telly (display2)

Your setup wouldn't really be any different at all, the way I see it.. :)

Ian Trotter

Standard Member
Thanks 'Dude'

That's really what I expected but my main concern is about the IR remote control. The Pc will be tucked away in a cabinet in a side room, so all controls will be routed via IR links.

If say I used Showshifter as the main application, the channels / volume extra. would be standard MCE codes?

In order that the second programme could be controlled independently, would I have to run another application (WinTv or other) and even if I did, would the IR codes be different so that it would not interfere with the main 'system'.

If not by standard, are the codes changeable so that I could ensure they are different between the applications?

Any more help please.

Ian T.

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