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Can you give me an alternative to the Logitech Performance MX Mouse?


Standard Member
I've just bought a Logitech Performance MX Mouse and I'm 90% sure I'm going to send it back. I love everthing about the mouse except for one thing... the sound of the left and right mouse buttons. It's a horrid high pitched sound and it's driving me nuts. I'm try desperately to get used to it but I don't think I can. It's a shame because I do love the mouse otherwise.

Can anyone recommend me an alternative that's similar to the Perfomance MX Mouse? By similar I mean: Wireless, a decent size so that your hand can rest comfortably when using it, and forward and back buttons for web browsing. Ideally I would've liked another Logitech so that I could use the unifying receiver with my logitech keyboard but I was reading the reviews of the Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse and there are complaints of the left and right button sound with that one too. It seems to be a Logitech quirk :(

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
I've got the Logitech G700 and it's tasty. Not noticed funny sounding mouse buttons either.


Standard Member
Thanks Greg, I'll go have a look. I've come up with a temporary solution, I've assigned the 'forward button' to function as the left click button.


Distinguished Member
You could always start using mouse gestures instead. Hold down left mouse button, mouse mouse left/right, release button for backwards and forwards in most browsers. I find them much better than back/forward buttons, especially now almost all mice have placed them out of the way somewhere instead of being properly under your thumb. You may need an add-on to enable them.

As to alternatives, you could look at the Sidewinder X8. If the buttons are anything like my wired Sidewinder they will be high pitched but not much more so than the click for the main buttons (maybe an octave higher), they certainly couldn't be described as squeeky. It's also a big mouse.

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