Can you EDIT DVD-rw from RECORDER on PC EASILY???



If a download my dv tape onto a dedicated dvd recorder and edit it by setting chapters and omitting segments, can I then take this dvd-rw disk to my pc's pioneer 104 and edit it further then re-record onto the dvd-rw.

Will the video remain as mpeg2 file i.e. no need for file conversion?

Will it not be able to be edited on my pc because the dedicated dvd recorder has surrounded the video with a program that incorporates the chapter settings and omissions?

Will it be as EASY as uploading dv from my camcorder , editing on the pc then downloading back onto the dv tape??


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Not without MPEG editing software, and I'm not suer if any of the available packages such as Womble will work from a disc on a drive. Thet are designed to edit files on your hard disk. They are not cheap, editing compressed MPEG files accurately is not easy. There are some cheap or free packages which basically just chop up the file. Proper editing suites can cost hundreds of pounds

I transfer video from my camcorder to the PC drive in AVI format; edit it there; encode to MPEG, then author and burn to DVD using the Pioneer. The speed and flexibility of going straight to a disc on a set top recorder is largely offset by the lack of editing capability. You say a DVD-RW, which Set top recorder do you have? I have the E20, and it is possible to record onto RAM discs, then move the file to the PC for editing. But you cannot edit fromthe RAM disc, and I am pretty certain the same applies to -RW.


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Does the burning at the end take place from the edited video that has been taken back onto DV tape? If not then how is the edited video transfered from PC to the STB DVD recorder?


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Sorry, I should have benn a bit more detailed.

I'll briefly describe what I do with my holiday videos. Transfer the movie from the camcorder to the PC using IEEE 1394 capture card to an AVI file on the hard disc. Edit this with a simple piece of software such as Ulead Videostudio or Pinnacle Studio 8; make a new AVI file from the edited movie and then encode that to MPEG2 DVD compliant video. Do this with any of amny encoders available from the web. The author your DVD - I use Ulead DVD workshop - ie add menus, chapters etc, and generally prepare the file for burning onto a disc. Then burn it onto a DVD-R using a PC drive - I have a Pioneer 103. the resulting DVD can then be played on virtually all set top players.

So no, you don't have to record it back onto tape. You could do, and then hook upto the DVD recorder and produce a DVD. But you won't have the same level of menus and chapters that you can produce with a PC based package. But it is quicker and easier for sure.

Beware - not all DVD set top recorders have a DV input for hooking up to a camcorder. The Panasonic E20 does, but not the E30 which replaced it. You could use an s-video connection but then you're going from digitial to analogue and back to digital with some loss of quality along the way.

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