Can you change the 'linearity' on the Philips 36PW9607

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Aug 16, 2000
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I have noticed that when the picture is in in 'wide' mode, the linearity of the picture changes across the screen.

I would expect this in 'auto' mode, but in 'wide' the ratio should be the same all the way across.

This is especially noticable when there is slow pan from left to right. A scrolling message shows it the best.

At the edges of the screen, the picture is more compressed than it is in the middle.

So, as things move across they get thinner towards the edges and fatter in the middle.

You can't really see it on a still picture, its only when something moves slowely across the screen.

I had a similar problem on my Sony, before it went back, but its worse (although still bearable) on the Philips.

Is there a way to adjust this in the service menu? Do you think I should call an engineer to look at this??
I have the 36PW9525 which uses the same Panasonic CRT as your TV. The same problem exists with my TV as you describe but I never had any success in fixing via the service menu, I assume that it is a inherent problem with the tube design. It can appear slightly worse on the right hand side of the screen which is a artifact of the scanning system and its limitations.

In other words, I think it needs and better CRT and scanning electronics.
My picture on the 9607 , 6 weeks old does not appear to display any of the problems identified.
The most annoying feature is if there is writing at the top or the bottom of the page-most of it is not visible.
Is there any way to overcome this disappearing act
My 32PW9617 (also Quintrix F Based) doesn't suffer from this problem at all.

It might mean you need to think about getting it exchanged.
Interesting.. Perhaps I need to log a fault.. I am here now watching Sky channel 504.

When i put the TV in WIDE mode (Which should be 1:1 ratio), the scrolling text starts thin (on the right) and get fat as it gets about 1/3 of the way in.
Sorry.. The TV was in auto mode (Where I would expect the linearity to change across the screen (to fit a 4:3 picture in))

The problem is the other way around when the TV is in 'wide' mode.

I am using Sky channels 504 and 510 which both had scrolling 'ticker bars'.

The text is scrolling from right to left. It starts thin at the right, gets fatter (to it normal size) about 3 inches in, then stays normal across the middle of the screen until it gets about 3" from the the left side, were it gets thin again.

I have spent a considerable amount of time tweaking my geometry using the Ultimate DVD Platinum reference grids.

The best suggestion that I can give you is to calibrate the TV the best you can and look once again for the fault.

The retailer's (and engineer's) standpoint will be if the TV has reasonable linearity in 4:3 mode with a 4:3 source and the same in WideScreen mode for a 16:9 source, then the TV has no fault.

Chances are, that if these two conditions are met, the TV will be able to display 4:3 sources as 16:9 with linear expansion.

As a side point, although preferences do vary, once the geometry is set up well, it really does justice to the set when sources are watched in their original intended format.

For more info on the Philips Pixel+ service menu or widescreen switching/formatting issues, a search for my posts should bring up a reasonable amount of info.

Good luck! ;)
i have exactly the same problem with mine.

When the set pans the picture looks like you are looking at it through a goldfish bowl or wine bottle (empty, of course!).

It seems to happen in the same place as where my dark bars are - what about on your sets?

I can't believe that none of the mags that raved about this set picked up any of these faults. Oh, wait a minute, yes I can! Tosh 36" picture frame springs to mind!


Don't get me wrong, my problem isn't that bad that I have to do anything about it, its just that I wondered if there were any linearity settings in the Service Menu.

I do find it strange how some people have seen this and others havn't.

Is possible that some sets have this and some don't, but I think it more likely that people just don't notice it.

However, you will see that I have other problems in my other posts, which warrent an service visit.. I will demonstrate this problem whilst they are looking at the others.

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