Can you buy The Comic Strip on DVD?

I'm referring to The Comic Strip Presents that starred most of Britain's alternative comics in the 80's and 90's. Specifically I'd like to get Mr Jolly Lives Next Door and Detectives on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Anyone know?


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These are utter classics IMHO, and no , there is no sign of them appearing on dvd at the moment :(
Detectives is one of my favourite ever bits of tv too .:thumbsdow



I did hear a rumour that there is a release planned for all the episodes (Channel 4 & BBC2)> I think it was started by someone in the business of putting extras together so not official but at least something.

For me it would be the release of the year if it's true - pure class

Bad News, The Bull****ters. The Yob, 5 go mad etc etc. fantastic stuff


I'm desperate for the murder most horrid series to be put on dvd aswell, utter class :)
Ha, ha. I had forgotten about some of those. Nice one guys. STRIKE! - with Al Pacino as Arthur Scargill or how about GLC, with Lee Van Cleef as Ken Livingstone - "Maybe". I've just remembered another absolute classic too.....A Fistfull of Traveller's Cheques! "What's your name?", "Trou-ble!". Genius. :)


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Yes - bring back Vim and the lads from Bad News


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But I'm the only one I've ever known who remembers the one where French & Saunders live on the Falklands, it was a two parter on the Beeb and people think I imagined it...:(



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I was right. It was called "South Atlantic Raiders". Found a full episode guide :D

And there were 38 of 'em !!! :eek:


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