Can you biamp the Marantz SR7400?


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Is it possible to biamp the Marantz SR7400 using the surround backs? Checking the manual it apppears you can only point the source at the multiroom input.

Ed Selley

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You can't. Had to leave my desk to find the manual to tell you that ;).

Ed Selley

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Originally posted by bluesfan
That's really dumb. All 7.1s should work like Pioneer AX3/AX5.

Provided that you subscibe to the theory of it being worthwhile. There are a great many Audio engineers who don't rate bi-wiring or bi-amping and will bore you to tears explaining why. I personally think that Rotel have the right idea by offering a 5 channel amp that can decode extra speakers if the power amp is fitted. The same power amp could alternatively be used to bi-amp- again if you think it is worthwhile.


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Are these the same people that tell us we need a frequency respond range (aka Sony SACD) that only a dog can hear?

Personally, I don't think it can do any harm, particularly if you suspect the woofers are hard to drive and those extra channels are just sitting there unused.


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If you want to you can still Bi-Amp with the 6100 or the others I mentioned, In exactly the same way I currently do, I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my 5300 to a 7400 as I would like PL IIx, but am broke at the moment and am not interested unless I can get a decent gain in stereo.

The 7400 although on paper is only a little more powerful in Watt terms tahn the 5400(OSE), in current terms it should be capable of delivering much more, I would also suspect the chipset’s are better.


Tried to do a PM reply to your last pm but keep getting an reeor? :rotfl:

Tons - Do you think the SR7400 is a worthwhile step up from the SR5300 in Stereo terms taking into consideration I Bi-Amp with MY 5300 and MA6100's, I would like PLIIx but can not justify an amp change on that alone.:rolleyes:

By the way I went for the 6000ki in the end should be here any day now.:D

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