Can you beat an independent for service ?

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by Faust, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Arrived home at lunchtime, switched on Sky+ and received the message "no satellite signal being received" did signal test to find LNB1 not locked and no signal. Fearing the worst I powered down the box unplugged it and left it for a few minutes. When I switched back on, nothing at all, searching for listing etc. Checked signal again, this time both LNB1 & 2 not locked, although strangely I could still receive a picture. Worried I contacted by local independent who fitted the Sky+. Within thirty minutes the independent arrived at my door, did a test with the meters and confirmed that both LNB1 & 2 had failed. Having already checked my invoice I informed him that the Sky+ was just two days away from the expiry of the twelve month warranty. He said not to worry he would have me up and running in no time, and sure enough ten minutes later everything was fixed. Now that's what I call service, and all it cost me was a cup of tea - brilliant. Interestingly enough he as replaced the Thomson LNB with a German make, claims they are more reliable. He says that he is of the opinion that Sky+ boxes are often changed by Sky engineers when the real culprit is intermittent faults with the LNB usually resulting in total failure some further months down the line

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