Question Can you advise me how to log into BT wifi hotspots


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My landline is BT and has been for decades. BT became my ISP about six months back.

So far I've had no call or interest in using the BT wifi network but I'll be out and about over the next few months and think it might be of use.

The problem is I don't know how to use the dam thing. My username that's my email address but my password, is that the same password I would use here at home, the one on the back of the BT Hub? If not where do I find it?

Any advice on how to use the service would be appreciated. I tried the BT site but it really is a very difficult site to navigate and it keeps nagging me to sign up for e-billing and I don't want e-billing !!!

Anyway thanks for any help or advice



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The password is the one that you use to login to the BT website to view your account details and bill etc. I believe BT also have apps for mobile devices to help with connecting to Wifi hotspots. I don't use them much myself, probably only a couple of times.

When you select the BT wifi zone on your device you usually get a pop up window from BT asking you to enter your username and password, then once connected you can use your applications or web browser as normal.


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With the Apple "BT WiFi" app you only need to enter your details once and from then on it will automatically log you into any BT Wi-Fi hotspot within range. I have it on my iPhone 6+ and my iPad Air 2 (GSM). It can be quite alarming/amusing at first, I've driven down some streets all over Scotland with my iPad in the car when you suddenly get a notification that it's just connected to BT Wi-Fi.
You also connect to other BT Home Hub users routers automatically if they have the "BT Wi-Fi with Fon" enabled which comes in handy sometimes.
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