Can Wi-Fi mesh connect to Ethernet switch


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Hi, I wanting Wi-Fi mesh for my home. The lounge has several device’s (TV, cctv nvr, Virgin v6) which are connected to a ethernet switch via powerline adapter (Virgin Media hub upstairs).
Is it possible to put a mesh unit in the lounge, connect it to the Ethernet switch and receive internet via Wi-Fi from the main unit connnected to the VM hub ?



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I would check the spec. carefully to ensure your selected mesh nodes can function as a Wi-Fi "bridge" (as we'd generally call it.) It's kind of like an Access Point "working in reverse." I would not "just assume" that my product could do this because it calls itself a "mesh" node.

I've read of some "mesh" systems whereby if a node establishes a backhaul link over Wi-Fi, it shuts down it's ethernet port.

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Is your main internet cable the black one?

Also try and ensure the router is placed in open space free of cupboards and other blockings. This will give you a better WiFi coverage.

We moved to a Google Nest mesh networking and the virgin router acts as a modem only and the Google router that gives you the WiFi across the house as it has 2 additional points that you can place around the house.

I now have full WiFi around the house including dead spots 😊



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Yeh the VM hub was in modem mode. i like to pick the best channel myself and yes it looks good but are a bit bulky.


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I’ve got a ASUS AX82U router now, I‘m still using TP Link Wi-Fi adapters in some rooms still, I just wish the powerlines were smaller.
I've read of some "mesh" systems whereby if a node establishes a backhaul link over Wi-Fi, it shuts down it's ethernet port.
I've had this happen, but in my case I had a master switch with the main mesh mode on it, then a wired backhaul to a remote switch, and a remote mesh unit. The backhaul link establishment between the two mesh units triggered the loop detection on the switches, and the port shut down.

Shutting off loop detection on the two ports fixed the issue (really just the remote port), but these were web-managed switches and this is not something for your average user to tinker with.

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