Can we advertise classifieds on here??

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Have a universal projector mount not doing anything.. it was never used and has only been opened to make sure it had all the bits, is it worth a lot, cost around £150 a few months back, but is worthles to me....

Anyone want/need one?
Probably best to stick it in the classified section mate, you can't advertise it elswhere while it is on there and you must state a price, start at a price you would ideally like and take offers.

There are a few rules so worth taking a couple of mins to read through them if it is your first time ;)

good luck :smashin:
Cheers for that... i'll investigate further.

Am sure its of more use to someone else, than sat in a box in my office!
I can confirm that this is definitely not the place for Classified Ads.
NO probs, have placed one in the classifieds section - though for some reason the URL parsing has gone squirly!
I love these who much is it worth?, where should I advertise? Look mum I saved £10 threads
Yeah, really sorry for trying to offer something to someone in case they may want it....

I don't know how much its worth - though based on the fact it cost £150 new i have an idea, however its possible to buy it cheaper elsewhere i am sure!

If you aren't interested, why post in the thread... achieved a lot didn't you.
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