Can watching 4:3 on 42WH36 cause screen burn?


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I didnt initially think of this, but when I watch sky+, I watch 4:3 progs at 4:3 and have it to switch to widescreen if the feed is widescreen.

However would it be possible for the grey bars on the sides to burn in?

Does everyone use 4:3 or do you force everything to wide?


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it can and will burn in.
I had that on my 42pw23, when i first got it, i had it set to auto aspect switching.
After about 7 months i had two darker bars down the sides when watching a widescreen one else could see them untill i pointed them out.
Some how i messed around with the settings and now when watching sky or video, it stays in only auto switches when watching DVD's.
Cos we watch Sky the most, 5 months further on and the darker borders are only just visable, if you look hard and at certain angles you can just make them out.
The mirror has nearly become uniform in brightness right across again.........
I would advise to leave it on widescreen, as most programmes are now broadcast in widescreen and only the odd 4:3 programme looks wierd, mainly the local news, but the simpsons look's fine....:)

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