Can US spec (110V) HK AVR230/330 be converted for use in UK?


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Jan 24, 2004
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I am currently in the US, and can get the AVR230 for $412 or the AVR 330 for $542. Even allowing for import duty and VAT this offers a significant saving over the best prices I have seen in the UK (£499 and £599 respectively), however they are obviously US spec 110V models. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to convert them to work in the UK, or if a step-up transformer would impactperformance?

Any help would be much appreciated, as I return tomorrow evening so need to move quickly if I'm going to get one.

Thanks in advance!
FWIW I am told by a qualified electrician (Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers no less!) that although you can get a step down transformer from 220V - 110V, the problem is the frequency. US is 60Hz and UK 50Hz. Majority of transformers you can buy DO NOT change the frequency. As a result something called "100Hz Hum" can be introduced into the circuitry which will have been designed for 60Hz.

Advice: unless the unit has itself a 110v and 220V selector, avoid US electrical equipmnet for mains use in the UK.

Thanks Malice. I thought that might be the case, but worth checking given the major price difference. :(
An ex-colleague of mine had US Amps, speakers and Cd when he came back to UK. He got transformers OK and got the kit to work. The kit ran hotter than usual and the units own transformers (AC-DC) had a "hum" on them.

As my "source" had been responsible for all electrical installations on Saudi airports and had to deal with aircraft that required 400Hz supply, (for which he did much research on supply frequencies) I am more inclined to trust his advice than anyone elses!

Your choice. I know what mine would be.

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