Can u buy just a pvr (ie no tuners) and is it worth it ?


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Here's my scenario
Just cancelled sky+ (twin feed off quad lnb)
Have Freesat HD and freeview SD through my sony 32w5810 (taking one feed + aerial)
The one thing i'm missing is pvr functionality.
I'm not sure if they make a pvr with no tuners ??
If i bought a pvr with a single tuner (eg Technisat HDFS Freesat HD), would that just record off the in built tuner, or could you record off the tv's freesat tuner aswell ?
Or should i buy a freeview HD pvr, so both HD options are covered.
Sorry for all the questions :blush:


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You can buy PVRs that have only terrestrial analogue in, though only second hand now. You may aswell get one with a tuner in, many Freeview SD ones have 2 that mean you can record two Freeview channels


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Strictly speaking a pvr without a tuner won't work. The tuner provides a digital mpeg2 or mpeg4 data stream that is recorded directly to a hdd. They don't have the necessary analogue to digital converters and real time mpeg encoders to record an analogue input. These are only provided in single tuner dvd recorders apart from a very few hybrid devices (Tivo, Panasonic HD Freesat and Freeview pvrs for instance)


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Ok, so i'll guess i'll be getting a pvr with either freesat hd or freeview hd built in.
Seeing as my current tv has freesat hd (and freeview sd), would it be sensible to get a freeview hd pvr ?
Presumably on the pvr, you can only record tv from that inbuilt tuner ?
Also is freeview hd available nationally yet ?


Your TV has built in digital tuners. You need a PVR with digital tuners unless you can plug in a USB stick into your TV for recording or something. I don't know how they built it.

Anyway you could get a single tuner PVR and then you could record one channel and watch another. The problem would be if you went out for the evening and wanted to record stuff while you were out. I presume you wouldn't want to leave the TV on while you were out and what if you wanted to record from more than one channel at once?

So get a dual tuner PVR. At the moment I think we now have about four. Maybe more if you count computers etc.

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