Can TV's internal amp handle 5.1 set-up?


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I posted the same on LCD forum, but decided to ask here too since the question has to do more with amplification then with video/imaging.

:confused: While my AVR300 is being fixed, I needed to get sound out from TV/Cable.
At first I connected two speakers that came with my Samsung LCD to get by.

My 40" Samsung has 5.1 decoder, so today, I tried connecting my all 5 Canton speakers and the sub to the TV's speakers/sub outputs, and the sound is better then from those small flat speakers that came with TV.

Then, when putting Samsung speakers away, I noted that the original Samsung speakers are 10 Watts RMS/ 8 ohms.
The Cantons are rated 4-8 Ohms, so now I am afraid that using them may burn transistors in the TV's internal amplifier.

I am not trying to play any loud music, and the Canton speakers sound louder then original Samsung speakers - I think because Cantons are more efficient/have better sensitivity.

Can anyone tell me:
1. if it's OK to use 4-8 Ohms rated speakers instead of 8 Ohms rated
2. can I damage my Cantons using weak TV's internal amplifier?

Thanks a lot.


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You are extremely likely to damage the amplifier inside your TV or the speakers themselves. Amplifiers inside televisions are very poor quality indeed and are not up to driving anything other than the speakers they came with. If you continue either the amplifier itself will give up, or more lilely, the amplifier will start clipping causing nasty distortion which will ultimately damage your speakers.

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