Can TVs Be Hacked?


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Aug 27, 2003
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First off I’m the last person that believes people are constantly being hacked left, right and centre. I work in the mobile phone industry and the amount of customers that come in saying they’ve been hacked is unreal. There’s always been a logical explanation for every phone I’ve looked at. Not saying it doesn’t happen but it’s rare in my experience. My Dad is one of these types of people. I get calls almost weekly about ’has X been hacked because it’s doing this now’ I always tell him it’s nothing to worry about and have to reassure him.

Anyway we have a Fire Stick plugged into our LG OLED E6. It wasn’t being used for a few moments so goes into the Amazon screen saver mode. Then after a bit more time the screen goes black. It’s still on in the background but just a black Screen. My wife was sat down on the sofa feeding our 1 year old and the remotes were all on the table. The and screen lit up like you had pressed a button on the remote to bring it out of screen saver mode but onto a screen she’d never seen before. We are creatures of habit and use the same things every day. So she knows what should show up.

A mouse pointer (like a computer mouse pointer, not the usual coral colours magic remote pointer) appeared from around the middle of the screen and then moved to the upper right hand corner. The only way she can describe the screen is that it looked like a computer screen. On the screen there was what looked like a search box or button where the mouse was heading. Then it looked like something was clicked and the LG app ‘Share Screen’ was opened. Then that was it. Nothing else happened. It just stayed on the LG Share screen app. I was on my way home from work so didn’t see it happen but I believe everything she has told me. It all happened within about 10 seconds. She said the mouse looked like it was being controlled by someone and even thought it was me messing around somehow.

I just don’t know what to think. Could it be from the LG TV, the Fire Stick or could it be the TV going wrong and weird? Has anyone ever hear or seen anything like this before?
I'm almost sure that the wireless display feature is enabled by default on our LGs. I have a CX & it has AirPlay 2 for Mac/Apple & a MiraCast type of Wireless-Display feature.
It is very possible for someone nearby to wirelessly connect. It would be useless to them, since they can't see it, unless they're gandering in through a window or summat.

Regarding parents & technology, I've spent WEEKS explaining over & over again that the SIM contains no data on a phone, other than the subscriber ID.
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