Can TV and Monitor show same picture?


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How can I make my TV and Monitor show the same picture as each other (i.e. replicating rather than extending my desktop)?

My PC is now connected to my monitor via VGA and to my HDTV via a DVI to VGA adapter cable. I've been fiddling with Control Panel > Display > Settings, and I've managed to get the TV to either 'take over' completely, with the monitor acting as secondary, or vice versa - but how do I get the TV to simply replicate the monitor i.e. for them both to be 'primary' and simply to show exactly the same as each other. I can do this with my laptop at work so why can't I do it here?

Graphics card is: 128MB PCI Express ATI RadeonTM X300 SE (if that helps).

Many thanks. :)

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I used to have a ati card, but I cant remember what the setting was called....

On nvidia cards you need to select Clone via the nvidia software....

I would imagine you are using some kind of catalyst software/drivers for your ati card and I would imagine there is a `clone` or `dual view` option in there....

You may have a icon in the bottom right of your screen...right click and investigate ....

sorry not the best answer ever....:oops:


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Where would I look for this 'clone' or 'dual view' mode?

The only options I seem to have in Settings are to extend desktop, or to use as primary... I've googled for hours and can't find anything to help... :confused:

One other option - if I can't have clone view, is there a quick way to switch primary and secondary monitors around? Obviously I can do it in control panel, but is there any keyboard shortcut like there is on a laptop? (My PC is Dell Dimension 9100 by the way)


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I was messing with my TV this week and at some point 'duplicate' or similar was on the 2nd monitor menu pictures at the bottom of the ATI control panel and i had both displays running my desktop.


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If there's limited options for the display icon on your task bar (there's often one there that you can right click on for short cuts for display modes or double click to launch the control panel) then you should look in the windows "Settings" folder for your display control panel, mine is called "NVIDIA Control Panel" but I'm not sure what ATI would be called. If you look through the settings there you should find a way to clone the display on both screens.

Alternatively, as you've found the settings tab (Control Panel > Display > Settings - Alt: Right click desktop, "Properties", "Settings") you can click on "Advanced" to find your graphics card's tab (top right for me) to find further options for your card (possibly with another button to launch the ATI control panel).

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