Can Tosh 220e output Svideo via Scart?


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I've got a Sony TV with 1 RGB scart and 1 Svideo scart and am getting the Tosh 220e which has Component, Svideo (DIN), Video and a scart output.

As I have no component inputs on the TV, I'm ignoring that one and I'm assuming it's best to connect Sky Digital via RGB so this leaves the Svideo for DVD (Which I hear is pretty good on Tosh's anyway).

Will the Tosh output Svideo via Scart, or only through Svideo DIN?

Another question which will help my choice:
Is it better to connect Scart to Scart or SVideo DIN (+ Phonos) to Scart? (Assuming simlar price cables ~£20-£30)

Cheers All



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Tosh 220 has s-video on scart.

re. your cables, I'd keep it simple (i.e. scart-scart)
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