Can thieves unlock PIN lock phone?


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Hi Guys,

Just had my recently bought S9 phone stolen from a Fish & Chips shop where I was having my lunch yesterday near my workplace.

I placed the S9 on the dining table,whilst having my meal, as I was receiving some text, when a Romanian guy walked in begun showing a message to a customer before me, to give him some money with a cardboard sign, he was just showing the message board. He then came over to my table and showed me his message board, I told him I had no cash and then he came nearer to me with his board, still insisting I had no cash then the restaurant owner told him to move on, at which point he left.

Later I realized my phone was gone, quickly rushed out and no sign of him. The rest of the diners were shocked when I told them what had happened. The shop doesn't have a security camera!

I think what he did was he came very near me with his board, and then he covered the view of the phone with his message board and his hand reached out to grab the phone, all done without uttering a single word. Be careful guys.

My phone does have a screen lock PIN and later I phoned my network provider to cancel it. Tried to locate my phone on Google but it was switched off. Can he or his gang unlock the phone? I don't have insurance and bought the handset outright. Never had a phone stolen before.
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Wow that was an expensive chippy meal!

I know with iPhones even if they are turned off they will still display there last known location before they were switched off, so if the guy went straight home after stealing it, and then turned it off, it would give you his exact location. I’m not sure if Samsung phones do this? Or whether it does but it depends if you’ve got a location tracking app installed? On the iPhone “find my phone” is already installed and automatically turns on when first setting up the phone.

Are you sure there’s no way of locating it? I would check what I’ve said above or ask on here/phone Samsung support and see if there’s a website you can go on to track it down, as it will be connected to some kind of account I guess?

I wouldn’t worry about your data etc on the phone, nobody could get into it with your passcode on it I don’t think, and plus you’ve already got your network provider to block the phone so it’ll be an expensive paper weight now!


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Thanks for your reply. Sorry no loc tracker app installed, sadly. Would contact Samsung to see if they can help.

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