Can the Xbox One x play Hi Resolution audio


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Hi all
I conet the Xbox one x via optical cable to integrated amp. I play the file with plex for Xbox, can it deliver Hi Resolution audio?

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With optical you are limited to lossy audio when selecting Dolby or DTS or lossless stereo if you select Uncompressed PCM 2.0

Indiana Jones

A quick search on Google explains what lossy is...

The word lossy is used in digital audio to describe a type of compression used to store sound data. The algorithm used in a lossy audio format compresses sound data in a way that discards some information. This signal loss means that the encoded audio isn't identical to the original.
As FLAC is a lossless audio format I am not sure optical will be up to the job but setting the Xbox to Uncompressed 2.0 will give you your best chance assuming Plex doesn’t convert it to another lossy format first.
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