Can the TV interfere with NTL/Virgin box?


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Hi there,

I'll try and get straight to the point.

I have a very old Hitachi 42 plasma with the old style ntl/virgin box.
The problem is that every few minutes or so the virgin menu or interactive will pop up, or go straight to box office, or even change channels.

I know its not the box as my previous tv was fine
and the same things also happened when the same tv was in a different room with a different ntl/virgin box.

I know its not the controller cos it still happens when the batteries are removed. Different scart leads have been used but still the same problem.
Virgin say the signal etc is fine, even reset whole system.

So it must be the tv, right?

There is a chance that the new HD box will solve the problem but I cant really aford that.

Is there any other way of solving the VERY annoying issue?


Chris Muriel

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Could be interference from the plasma TV in the infra red region that the box uses.
Energy saving lamps can also cause IR issues.
You might be able to slightly desensitise the IR receiver in the NTL box by putting some translucent tape over it (e.g. then semi-seethrough masking tape, usually beige in colour). You would have to test whather it could still respond to the NTL remote control under those conditions. The idea is to stop it responding to the plasma TV emissions (or possibly energy saving lamps in the room) without totally killing response to the correct remote control.
The above migth help you with some tests, detective work and experimentation.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply and info. I taped over the cable box and tv sensor with masking tape but within minutes the same problem happened.

However since that incident it has only happened once more in the past hour which is a huge improvement.

Many thanks again for your help, why on earth didnt I come on here sooner!?!?!:facepalm:


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I have the same problem with my Toshiba 42XV635DB. Virgin box is virtually unusable.

Oddly, it worked fine for months before developing the problem. I am sure it's the TV as I can navigate the Virgin box when the TV is on standby...but not when it's on.

I see there are fixes for the LG televisions, anybody know what setting to turn off on the Toshiba to get the Virgin box to work properly.

I'm trying the tape over the IR sensor trick right now...but too scared to press any buttons as I'm watching an On Demand programme. Yikes.


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Hi Dando

Thanks for the post, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with the problem (sorry for you tho).

It seems that I will have some good days and some really bad days.

There must be a technical solution to this because it really is incredibly annoying/frustrating.

Lately I have missed a goal and a key part of a film due to this:mad:.

Are there any other ways to eradicate this issue?



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The silver samsung box has a sensitive remote sensor. The solution is to change the backlight settings of your tv or ask virgin if they can get you a VHD box with hd disabled


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The silver samsung box has a sensitive remote sensor. The solution is to change the backlight settings of your tv or ask virgin if they can get you a VHD box with hd disabled

Hi JB66. Thanks for the reply thats very helpful.

The only problem is that I cant find the backlight settings on my tv. I have a Hitachi 42pd7200 plasma if anyone has an idea what to do instead.



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I have the same problem.
I think as somebody has already said low energy light bulbs can be a problem also wireless routers etc have reported issues too.


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I can confirm that after changing the picture settinsg for my Toshiba TV to standard I was able to turn off the automatic light adjustment and increase the contrast higher than normal.

I also put a piece of translucent packaging tape over the Virgin cable box sensor.

I have not had a single problem with an unresponsive box since I have done this.

Possible using more electricity than before, but it's much more enjoyable watching TV now. Can actually watch catch up TV (no adverts) without problems.


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After finding out that it was IR causing the problem I was able to find loads of people with similar problems.

Like you said puds, light bulbs and wireless internet dont help, but then again there isnt too much you can do about them.

I read that people have used black bin liners and the inside of a floppy disk to cover sensor area.

I might give the floppy disks a go as I'm sure I've got some old ones lying around somewhere and the tape isnt working.

If there are any other good ideas out there I'm willing to try them!

(its happened twice since writing this email!!!!!)

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