Can the 'generic' Xbox componet cable do Progressive Scan?

I am trying to get a 'Progressive Scan' solution for my Xbox and with lot of help from Owain Thomas it appears that I have bought the wrong cable.

It seems that I should have bought the 'High Definition Pack', but what I bought was just a component video cable.. It has an Xbox connector on one and and 5xphonos (3 for Component and 2 for Audio) on the other. However, it is a Component cable and I am still wondering whether this cable will 'allow' the Xbox to give me 'progressive' modes.

I am aware that I should be using the 'High Def' pack.. But, as this is an un-offical cable, its entirely possible that as far as the Xbox is concerned, it IS a 'High Definition' cable and might still allow the modes.

Has anyone else tried a generic Component Cable?

I have found the 'High Definition' pack in the USA for $20, so I am tempted to order it from there, as there is no hurry, but if I can get it working with the cable I have, I will be more than happy.


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check your email jon, I'm sure the cable will work fine for prog if it works fine for interlaced.



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sorry it took a while (hotmail servers being shoddy), it should be on your alcatel one now.



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component is component mate. Doesn;t matter what make it is. Only get progressive from NTSC or chipped Xbox thugh..:)
Got it sorted now... Finally got my Plasma installed and with the Component cable, I can get progressive scan, once I set the box to NTSC.

Not bad for a £12 cable!!.

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